IT Precautions

Individuals and companies may take the below IT precautions to protect against spam email.

Enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record checking

Enable both Sender Policy Framework (SPF) lookup functionality and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) on your mail servers to flag and quarantine malicious spam. The combination of these technologies helps to protect from malware spam attacks. You can learn more about SPF at and DMARC at

Filter email attachments

Quarantine any emails from the Internet with potentially harmful attachments such as zip and exe file types. The only attachments DocuSign will send in email are PDFs.

Workstation security

Install anti-virus software and ensure it is enabled and kept up-to-date. Apply vendor recommended security patches on a frequent basis.


Provide regular training to end users to identify fraudulent email and phishing schemes.